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Sanctuary One

Address- 13195 Upper Applegate Rd, Jacksonville, OR 97530
Phone number- (541) 899-8627

Who are they

  • Started 15 years ago

  •  Located on 55 acres

  • They can have a max of 10 cats and 6 dogs

  •  The facility can hold up to 50 animals

  • when one animal gets adopted, they start looking for another one

  • constantly in communication with other animal organizations

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How they receive and help animals

  • Animals need to be identified by an agency. Then once there is room, they will be taken in.

  •  They quarantine an animal that shows signs of illness. Quarantine last for a minimum of 2 weeks.

  • People adopt the animals as pets with the agreement that if the animal is no longer a fit, to return the animal.

  •  Some animals are not adoptable because they have health, behavior, or age problems, or the animal could be a learning opportunity for others.

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  • We only take dogs and cats that can tolerate people.

  • They do not take drop-off animals.

  • Examples of animals brought to sanctuary One

    • ​  A horse and a goat were abused on Marawana farms

    • tear ducts on a horse are ruined because a horse was hit in the face, and now it looks like it's always crying

    • Goat tied to a porch on a 5 foot least for 2 years, causing permanent aggression to new people


Their future

  • They will continue to give tours to inform kids

  • They want to expand by building cabins

  • Continue to educate people about how backyard breeding and overpopulation of animals cause them to get neglected

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