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Who abuses animals?


Lack of empathy and remorse

A person who does“not regret their actions or criticize themselves” (Psychological).

Even when it is legally and morally wrong.

Antisocial personality

A person who “ignores the rights of others in favor of their own” (Psychological). In other words, antisocial people that abuse animals do not care about how others should be treated.

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Lack of adequate education

 A child who was abused in childhood sees abuse as a norm. They were never taught that abusing someone is wrong.

Stimulation by violence

A person is more prone to violence when they are amused by it or see it as not punishable.


Autocratic personality

A person who wants “to demonstrate power and authority and act against weaker victims” (Psychological).


 A person who does “not respect the rules, but also the opinions, attitudes, or beliefs of others” (Psychological).



 A person who thinks only of themselves and does not connect emotionally with people or animals. 

"Animal abuse is when someone hurts an animal or does not care for the animal responsibly, like not giving a dog or cat food and water. It is against the law to be crule to or harm animals, even your own pets."

Brianna Vargas

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